We are People’s P.ow.e.r [Participatory OWnership Empowerment Radio] Collective

by prabhath,

“Radio could be the most wonderful public communication tool imaginable…if it were capable of not only transmitting but of receiving, of making the listener not only hear but also speak”

Bertolt Brecht, 1932

Radio is an age-old tool of communication. It is the most widespread medium in many countries across the world, as it is in India. Easily accessible and cheap, it’s the simplest of mediums, where language, literacy, economic/social status, gender or even one’s appearance presents no barrier at all. This non-complicated, interactive and friendly nature of radio makes it a desirable choice of medium, especially among the less privileged, and therefore a fitting tool to affect bottom up, positive social change.

Community Radio (CR) is just this – radio by the people, for the people, dealing with the issues and concerns of the people. Here, the radio is used to address problems and find solutions from within, while at the same time, building awareness and creating a greater responsibility towards the community and the world around. Essentially, CR helps in broadening people’s horizons, so they too, can not only dream of a better tomorrow but also make it happen themselves.

Peoples Power Collective promotes community radio as a social and cultural unifier, an instrument for self-development, empowerment and positive social change; a tool for the revitalization of isolated and/or economically disadvantaged communities in India. We focus on the needs and requirements of the communities and through awareness building activities, training and capacity building and overall support, we’ll help communities design, develop and run effective and sustainable community radio stations. Our aim is to be made redundant (sooner rather than later), leaving the community to successfully take this, their very own media landscape into the future and making it work for themselves.

Innovation, cooperation and open participation is what we stand for because we are People’s P.ow.e.r [Participatory Ownership Empowerment Radio] Collective.

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